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Life and Wellness Coaching by Anna Brennecke

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach eagerly without fear for newer and richer experiences.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Alternative Techniques

Energy Healing

In my organizational process, I focus on clearing out energy, creating space, maximizing flow, accessibility, and capitalizing on certain elements of a home or room.

I often pull from traditional and spiritual practices such as Feng Shui, meditation, ritual, and mindfulness. These methods, along with my own developing intuition, help bring clarity and consciousness around organization decision-making.

Creative Arts Therapy

Envisioning what you want a space to look and feel like can be a challenge. I use my training in Creative Arts Therapy and apply various artistic modalities to help you discover what you are looking for and make the space match the vision.

Working with Learning Disabilities

I am a special education teacher with many years of experience working with children with learning disabilities. There is almost always some form of disorganization connected to the symptoms that perpetuate their difficulties both in and out of the home.

With support, organization and structure in the home and school life, children - and adults - can thrive. If you are an adult with a learning disability, or have a child who struggles in these areas, I can help. You can benefit from this work.

Contact me today at 203.984.5963 or anna@revamp.tv to schedule your session.

“Anna is a skillful and intuitive organizer. I am awed by how she organized and created a space that I can easefully utilize in a way I never had before. She has a real sense of how to arrange things, and how to gently support and encourage a person to let go and get rid of stuff. She is delightful to work with and has inspired me to clear my entire home."
- Nancy P., Transformational Healer, Teacher, Trainer, Facilitator