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Estate Clearing in the Hudson Valley

Revamp Estate Clearing

Clearing the estate of a deceased family member or client can be a daunting project. Families, attorneys, and executors have all hired Revamp to manage this often overwhelming but necessary task.

Perhaps those clients who find this essential Revamp service most profoundly helpful are adult children of the deceased. These are often individuals who live long distances away from the parent who has passed, and who now face the emotionally-charged, often painful job of sorting through their loved one’s belongings, as well as making complicated decisions about the care and distribution of all that has been left behind.

The following Revamp services include but are not limited to:

  • Establishing a digital inventory of household contents.
  • Sorting through personal items.
  • Setting up property appraisals.
  • Inventorying, evaluating, and distributing charitable donations.
  • Coordinating professional services for packing, moving, and storing of personal property.
  • Arranging for the sale of personal property.
  • Creating and implementing filing systems for important papers and essential documents.
  • Arranging for house cleaning and repairs.
  • Preparing the home for real estate showing, open house, and so on.

To consult with Anna on an estate clearing or to learn more about this specialized Revamp® service, call 203.984.5963 or email anna@revamp.tv.