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Anna Brennecke - Revamp

“I believe we all have the ability to
Revamp® our environments in ways that nurture and support our personal values and goals.”
- Anna Brennecke

Meet Anna Brennecke

My mom loves to tell the story of taking me to the doctor's office as a toddler, and trying to stop me from pulling out all the toys and magazines in the waiting room. A man sitting next to her, wearing a clerical collar, said to her "She's just rearranging her space." So she left me to it. I was the only child not squirming or crying in the room.

Years ago when I lived in Brooklyn with two roommates, I found that organizing my bedroom before going to sleep, especially if I had a big day ahead of me - a job interview, a test, or holiday - helped me to rest more easefully. Intuitively I knew organizing would help me sleep better, quell my anxiety, and provide clarity. This became a routine which helps me to "reset" to this day.

My instincts knew what has taken years of practice and experience to understand: organization creates space and allows for an environment we can thrive in and structure provides freedom and choice.

We all get stuck. We know we're stuck, but we're not sure what the next right move is. Things we want to hold onto are hard to let go of. Our present is cluttered with our past. We need support, a fresh pair of eyes, a cheerleader of sorts.

Sometimes, things just need to move. I've always loved helping others to organize their space and declutter, which has turned into a passon, the development of a philosophy, and a connectedness between all the things I have always been naturally interested in.

And I love what I do! Which is, essentially, helping you to create the life you deserve. One filled with growth, personal power, spaciousness and abundance.

How cool is that?


  • Certified special education teacher
  • One Light Healing Touch (energy healing) graduate
  • Orton-Gillingham associate
  • Creative Arts Therapy trained

"I invited Anna into my home without having a clear idea of what would come of it or where to even begin. I had a lot of anxiety around this, but once we got started, I didn't want to stop! I'm now living within a space that is spacious and practical, and which allows me to fulfill a variety of roles in my personal and professional life without feeling overwhelmed by it all."
- Rebecca C., LSW